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Mulching Plant Material

Insert picture hereWhy Mulch your Plants...Benefits of Mulch

  • Moisture Retention
  • Wee prevention & Control
  • Root protection from fluctuating temperatures
  • Soil Erosion

Things to think about in choosing a mulch...

  • Provide organic matter to the soil
  • Stays in place, wind, water and traffic can determine what mulch will work best for you
  • What look do you want
  • Weed, insect and diseases free
  • Color and durability   
  • Cost
  • Maintenance                                                                                 

       Keep in mind, there is not a perfect mulch.                                                       Walnut Color enhanced mulch 


Insert picture here

Choosing the Right Mulch...

Color Enhanced Wood Mulch (see picture above)

Natural choices

Cedar - Cypress - Pine Needles - Compost - Grass Clippings -Mulched Leaves

Rock Mulch choices 

River Rock -  Decorative Colored Rock (see pictures below)



River Rock with Limestone Edging

Rock Mulch Choices...

            Buckskin Rock Mulch                                Grey Granite Rock Mulch                              Purple Granite Quartz

                   Red Brickchips                                   Red Granite Rock Mulch                                       Trap Rock

                                                                                                  Mexican Pebbles









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