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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can be used for many reasons in a landscape and add a whole new element of design to a home. From lighting walkways and patio spaces, to up up-lighting plant material and highlighting architectural elements on a house, lighting can bring life to a landscape after the sun sets. These lights listed are our commonly used lighting fixtures, we are able to provide and install a large variety of outdoor lighting that could not be posted on our website at this time.

Pathway Lighting

This is a collection of commonly used pathway lights typically installed along walks, pathways and patios.

Upward Home and Landscaping Lighting

This category of lighting allows for designers to up light special features in the landscaping such as trees, architectural features on a home and to highlight certain areas of a water feature. Though the majority of these fixtures look familiar the main difference included elements not seen such as voltage...

Deck, Step and Wall Lighting

This arrangement of lights can be installed on deck post, steps and are often used to light seating or retaining walls.
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