Perennial Gardens

Plant Care Guidelines and Guarantee

Thank you for choosing Perennial Gardens!  One of our goals is to provide you information to help maintain your new landscape so it can reach its full potential. This guide will help you do just that!



  • Soak new plants with one inch of water per week; more or less may be needed based on type of plant material and weather conditions.

  • Infrequent, deep watering is better than frequent, shallow watering.

  • Water plants thoroughly, especially evergreens, in late fall before the ground freezes.


  • Shredded mulch is ideal for most situations.

  • Mulch 3-4” thick and a minimum of 6” wider than planting hole.

  • Mulch around plants to conserve moisture and protect from mower damage.

  • Too much mulch around perennials and groundcovers can inhibit growth.      


  • Staking trees is not recommended.  Windy sites are the exception.

  • When staking, use arbor tape.  Check regularly to avoid girdling of the trunk.


  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide, such as Preen, to weed-free beds after perennials emerge.

  • Apply according to label directions.

  • Reapply as needed, and as allowed by label.


  • Fertilization is typically not needed on properly prepared sites.

  • Do not fertilize new plants for the first year.

  • Late fall fertilization of evergreens can cause winter damage.

  • Apply according to directions and do not over apply!

  • Apply fertilizer in late spring or late fall (after leaves have fallen off plants).

  • Fertilizers with ratio of 5-10-5 or 10-10-10 are recommended for general use.


  • Deadhead perennials throughout the growing season.

  • Cut back perennials that provide winter interest in early spring.

  • Prune shrubs that bloom on new growth in late winter/early spring, such as roses and viburnum.

  • Prune shrubs that bloom on last years growth after blooms have faded, such as lilacs.

  • Use clean, sharp tools.

Plant Guarantee

We guarantee all trees and shrubs that fail to grow.  Seed, sod, roses, perennials, vines, grasses and tree-spaded trees are excluded.  This one-time replacement guarantee extends for one year from the date of invoice.  Guaranteed plant material that has died may be credited for future use.  The amount of the credit is based on the value of the original purchase.  Plants installed by Perennial Gardens are guaranteed 100%.  Plants installed by the client are not guaranteed.  No cash refunds.  There will be a labor charge on replacements should we install or deliver any plant material.  No replacement on items that have been discounted or have not been paid in full.  Extreme neglect, malicious injury or animal damage nullifies guarantee.


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