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No Time - No Problem. 

Give Perennial Gardens a call. We can customize a program to meet your schedule and budget. Our garden crews are experienced.  They can assist in plant choices for problem areas, garden pests, and assess your garden to help it flourish.  Please review and choose what your needs are.

Mulching Need some new mulch on an existing garden area?

Edging We can redefine your natural edge, install a new stone or cobble paver edge to your landscape beds.

Spring Clean–up  Our spring clean-up consists of removal of  debris from your garden beds, cutting back perennials and grasses left over the winter,  application of slow release fertilizer to your perennials if applicable. We will also apply a pre-emergent herbicide to help with weeds. We can even clean your pond or water feature to get it ready for the upcoming season.

Monthly Visits Monthly visits generally begin in May and continue through September. We will weed your garden beds and deadhead (remove spent blooms) and dead–leaf perennials. Apply fertilizer or insect control if applicable.  We will also continue to apply a pre-emergent to your garden beds at appropriate intervals.

Fall Clean-ups - Fall clean-ups usually begin in October. At this point, we are still weeding, but we will also remove leaves from your garden beds and cut back perennials. We can also shut down your pond and prepare it for winter.

Seasonal Options Seasonal options vary with the season. We can plant your pots with spring, summer, and fall annuals, fill with winter greenery to add extra color through the winter months. We can also assist you in finding just the right pot for your space.  Annuals can be added to your beds for constant color, spring bulbs, planted in the fall, to extend your season.

Rejuvenate - Is your garden tired? Would you like to rejuvenate your old garden with new plants. We can add plant material, and at the same time divide, transplant existing plants to create an updated look? 

We can help. Call and have our garden designer come out and evaluate your gardens. Our crews can help make it better than ever!


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