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How often should I water my plant(s)?

  • Thoroughly soak new trees, shrubs, and perennials once a week during the growing season. One deep watering is better than several light ones because it encourages the root system to grow deeper into the ground. If wilting occurs, sprinkle foliage in the early morning for several minutes. Maintain a mulch ring and a well around the base of the plants through hot or dry weather. Take extra precautions during periods of high wind and hot temperature.  

  • Skip a watering when an inch or more of rain is received. Over watering, which may cause roots to rot, can be as damaging as too little watering. To know if proper amounts of water are being received, watch for two specific signs. Yellowing of lower leaves indicate too much water is being received. Upper leaves that appear parched around the edges indicate to little water is being received.  

  • Trees, shrubs, perennials, and especially evergreens, should be watered thoroughly before the ground freezes. Check new plantings monthly during the winter by turning two to three inches of soil with a trowel to see if the ground is dry beneath the surface. If it is, water thoroughly.  

  • There are exceptions to every rule, if it is very hot, dry and windy plants may need to be watered every other day. Just keep in mind, plants can be killed by over watering just as easily as under watering them.



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