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Mulching Plant Material

Why Mulch your Plants...Benefits of Mulchmulch in a front yard

  • Moisture Retention

  • Wee prevention & Control

  • Root protection from fluctuating temperatures

  • Soil Erosion


Things to think about in choosing a mulch...

  • Provide organic matter to the soilRiver Rock with Limestone Edging

  • Stays in place, wind, water and traffic can determine what mulch will work best for you

  • What look do you want

  • Weed, insect and diseases free

  • Color and durability   

  • Cost

  • Maintenance                                                                                 

Keep in mind, there is not a perfect mulch.    

Choosing the Right Mulch...

Color Enhanced Wood Mulch - Natural choices

Cedar - Cypress - Pine Needles - Compost - Grass Clippings -Mulched Leaves

Rock Mulch choices 

River Rock -  Decorative Colored Rock (See Images Below)

Buckskin Rock Mulchgray granitepurple quartzred granitebrick chipstrap rockbeach pebbles



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