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Enjoy our plant gallery.  We continue to add new introductions as well as maintain the traditional ones we fell in love with.

A few thing we consider before selecting the best plants for your location:

  • Size - It is very important to pick a plant that will fit your space at maturity.

  • Bloom - Pick plants to insure that you will always have something in bloom.

  • Texture - Contrasting textures will define individual plants.

  • Leaf Color - Not just green try gold, purple, silver, or a combination. 

  • Zone - Des Moines, Iowa plants should be cold hardy to Zone 4.

  • Shade/Sun - Know the environment it will be planted in.

  • Shade - May not happen overnight, plant for the future.

  • Investment - plant a tree today.  It will pay off for years to come. 

  • Maintenance - choose plants to meet your lifestyle.

Pick plant combinations that work well together

  • Visit our Plant Combinations in our portfolio.

  • Combinations help give your garden season long interest.

Plant care and proper pruning will help your investment thrive

Garden Care and Tips

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